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YOUR EASY CLAIM LOCATOR Hey folks, thanks for checking this latest, 2016 offer out.  As it turns out there are folks who are more interested in gold mining than spending days or weeks in a maze of research, so I’m releasing all of my newest mining claims to anyone who had rather pay a few bucks, and go directly to an available gold claim.S6300313

These claims are NOT staked. You are simply purchasing the most up to date list of FREE open gold claims that are available and waiting to be staked and filed on! Using this claims List you can get ahead of the crowd by saving weeks of research! This is THE most current, 2016 list of mining claims available anywhere! Using this List you can quickly locate and prospect available claims in over a dozen different states. (I just added two smaller lists located in the states of Oregon and New Mexico ) S6300651

Most claims are being offered for $4 each with a minimum purchase of claims.  I’ve bundled the claims together in various amounts as claims came available.

No two lists are the same. Each list of claims will include the claims legal description ( Meridian, Township and Range), the individual claim numbers and any other information I have gathered on the claims such as whether it is a state claim or federal claim, the type of claim it is etc. S6300315

I sincerely want you to be able to find your own gold claim, and I’m hoping that we all find good gold this 2016 mining season. To get started simply click on the state you want your claims list from, click the payment button then choose whether you want to pay with Paypal or just use your credit card. After you click the button then you choose your payment preference.

Happy Mining Everyone.


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