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GUIDE to Finding a Gold Claim

If you are really serious about panning for gold on your own gold claim, but the big question of where to look or how to make it actually happen is holding you back, then this $22 (including shipping) step by step guide is designed just for you  Mining Guide

Believe me, I’ve spent my share of time sifting through mounds of case files, status plats and land records trying to get my own gold claim.

I knew there was a gold claim for FREE somewhere out there on public land, but it took me literally years to find it.

Not only did I have to find my gold claim, but there is an unbelievable maze of regulations and permits that have to be walked through as well.

Finally, part by happenstance and part by miracle I figured out a quicker, easier way for finding and filing on gold claims.

I believe in the old fashioned “stimulus package”. What better way to stimulate the economy than to help people find their own claims, so they too can start panning for gold? Owning your own business is a fundametal way to really share in the wealth.  At $1,100 an ounce it won’t take long to make a real difference in the average person’s economy will it? Heck,  I’d dig up a cow patty if it sold for $1,100 an ounce!

All jokes aside, my goal is to help anyone who, like me, may not have (or want to spend) the thousands and thousands of dollars it takes to buy a ready made gold claim. If that’s you – keep reading.

I’ve already done a lot of the research for you, I’ve made you up a step by step plan and if you really want to cut the chase, I’ve even compiled a list from various states of open gold claims for you to  choose from.

I created this guide for your convenience and it is specifically designed to walk you through the steps of finding your very own gold claim.

It directs you to sources rarely ever discussed in publications, and it will give you step by step instructions on how to stake your claim correctly.

Further, it will guide you through the paper trail for filing on your claim – that is a maze all of it’s own.

Do you absolutely have to have this guide to figure all this out? For some people, possibly not.

True enough, most people can read a complete manual from cover to cover – a few times over – and finally figure out the most complicated of mechanisms. But I’m offering you a short cut. A  simply written, step by step guide that will give you all the pieces to the puzzle in a matter of minutes.

I used to think I didn’t even need my own claim.  I joined a club and we were supposed to all share the claims for a nominal fee. That sounded great at first, but eventually reality set in.

Amid claim sharing I’d work all weekend removing over burden for the guy who came in after me on monday morning – when I had to leave and go back to work.  I finally realized, this is for the birds I need my own claim!

(By the way, I’m still a member of that club because there are countless other benefits to the membership -including the way they fight for my rights to own my own claim.)

I now own several of my own claims and no one can move in on me and reap the benefits of my hard labor once I have to leave. It’s MINE and I have the paperwork to prove it! Mining Guide

Here is what my 28 Page Guide Gives You


  1. A Definitive Starting Point
  2. A List and contact information of 42 State Offices that manage mineral and mining in their state
  3. A List of 3 places people rarely look for gold claims
  4. The secrets of “Data Mining”
  5. A special staking technique that if left undone could cause you to lose your claim if ever challenged
  6. Two things you can do to prevent “claim jumping”
  7. Essential Filing and Recording Steps that will help protect your mineral rights
  8. Data base Terms List
  9. Must have List of Permitting Agencies
  10. Step by Step Check List

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Take Care,

Captain Gene

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